UFC President Dana White responds to US sanctions over Putin…Forcing all Russians fighters to take a 60% pay cut

Yesterday the President of US Joe Biden responded to Putin unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by putting up in place severe sanctions. Some of the worst ones being having all the American musicians remove their music from Spotify and blaming Joe Rogan for the war.

Even worst sanctions and threats came from the Irish President Conor McGregor who offered Putin to meet for a glass of Proper Twelve Whiskey. Where even Ukrainians condemned McGregor threat as being too much.

Regardless of all sanctions threatened and applied to Russia, the war still appears to be ongoing where all the other countries watch while Ukraine is fighting by her self.

All the sanctions imposed on Russia with the purpose of stop Putin from waging war in Ukraine appeared to be as effective as the UFC gloves stopping eye pokes or Jon Jones getting arrested every year. That was until UFC President Dana White announced today in a interview with SportsCentre that effectively immediately all Russian fighters will have 60% of their purse cut until the war is finished.