Live look at the rest of the World while they #StandWithUkraine

On February 24th Russia declared war on Ukraine, where they launched a series of attacks all over the country. Today we find ourselves in day three of the WW3. Ukrainians managed to resist the invading forces so far, bringing their casualties number to nearly 4000 deaths.

Numerous countries denounced Putin war crimes, giving support to Ukraine in this trying times. Creating the slogan “Stand with Ukraine” which is the equivalent of Yoel Romero standing in the Octagon across from Israel Adesanya.

And you must be wondering what does this mean and the answer is simple, he is standing there doing nothing just like the message “Stand with Ukraine” does. And if you want a easier explanation Ukraine is fighting Russia and the Rest of the Word is Herb Dean, who stands there and does nothing but watch you take unnecessary shots.