Dana White to debut a new show named “Lookin’ for a Russian”…where all the soldiers that deserts Putin’s army gets a contract in the UFC

With Putin’s Russia invasion of Ukraine a vast majority of people around the world condemned the unprovoked attack. Multiple countries offered asylum to the soldiers involved in the attack if they deserted.

UFC President Dana White took it a step further by announcing via his Instagram today that he will debut a new show named ‘Lookin’ for a Russian’. Where him and famous Dagestani Actor Aljambib Stermaev will go on the frontlines of the Ukraine/Russia war.

Aljambib Stermaev

The show will focus on them two finding Russians that are fighting against Ukraine and offer them a UFC contract if they desert Putin’s army. Additionally to the contract they will be offered a large quantity of Vodka as a signing bonus.

The idea of White and Stermaev to recruit Russians that will desert Putin’s army came to life after the UFC found out how much they are getting paid to fight. It was ten times less than to compete for their promotion. And Dana White as the brilliant mind he is, he shaw it as an opportunity to pay them even less than their debutant fighters get paid.