Florida Man gets high on meth and lets his pet alligator loose inside the Kremlin

Only a few minutes ago Putin’s Kremlin was in state of emergency for undisclosed reasons. Our lead reporter Brent Welwany due to being in the frontline in Ukraine has went to investigate the matter.

Arriving at The Kremlin, initially was denied entry but disgusted himself as a Russian Soldier and managed to infiltrate the building. Once arrived in the main hall, he noticed multiple Russian officials have climbed on top of the furniture while shouting in Russian “sumasshedshiy muzhchina iz Floridy”.

Not understanding Russian, Welwany went even further to investigate the cause of distress in the building and the reason was put in a state of emergency. Once arrived in front Putin’s office he noticed none other than the Famous Florida man and former UFC Welterweight Mike”The Platinum” Perry. He was found laid on the floor while screaming “you thought you had a friend Putin”. Recording attached below.

Going into the office we found Putin climbed over his desk and an alligator trying to get him. Putin was screaming his head off asking him to take his pet alligator away as he doesn’t want to assassinate an black man during Black History Month. We managed to take a picture of the alligator which is attached below.

Mike Perry pet alligator