Fearless Commander has become a major problem for Russian forces. His precision has become legendary. He single handedly racked up 65 kills in one day. Ukrainians Locals have named him “Nosytelʹ Smerti”

Since Putin’s Russia launched a full scale attack on Ukraine multiple stories surfaced with unidentified hero’s repealing the invading forces. It started with Aircraft Pilot downing over 6 Russians airplanes who earned the nickname of Ghost of Kyiv. Then it continued with Reaper of Kyiv who had over 20 confirmed kills in the first three days of the invasion.

The stories appear to be the stuff of legends where some people already started to doubt their authenticity. Eventually they have been confirmed by Fact-checker Brendan Schaub on his show, also announcing that Steven Seagal has joined Russian Forces. After confirming Segal’s involvement with the invading forces, Brendan Schaub past the information who posted Online on his Instagram.

Post was later deleted after Putin sent assassins after Rogan, he sent Neil Young

With the news of Seagal joining the Russian forces, Ukrainians started getting very concerned as they was very aware he is the one that invented the front kick. The kick that Anderson Silva used to knock out Vitor Beltfort at UFC 126.

All the worries came to an end when a even more devastating force appeared to have joined the war, and this time fighting for the Ukrainian forces. His name is Dale Brown Commander of the Self Defence Russian Forces who in only one day managed to rank 60 kills. His precision has become legendary, every Russian soldier that he has trained in self Defence ended up dying. The Ukrainian locals end up giving him the nickname of “Nosytelʹ Smerti” which translates to Bringer of Death.