Referee Keith Peterson joins the Ukrainian army so he can end the Russian Nonsense

It’s been a few days after Russia initiated a full scale unprovoked attack on Ukraine. The Ukrainian government and many other countries around the world have been attempting to get Putin’s army to cease fire and retreat.

All that seems futile as Russians are continuously attacked multiple cities in the country, even as the negotiations was taken place russian soldiers was laying siege to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

The hope of this war stopped appeared to be in the far distance. That was until famous Netflix movie-star and UFC Referee Keith Peterson announced via his Twitter minutes ago that he has joined the Ukrainian army together with boxer Vasiliy Lomachenko. His intentions appear to be clear, to end the Russian Nonsense.

The No Nonsense himself will be deployed in the hardest hit area of Ukraine, outside the capital. The plan will be that Peterson will go after the Chechen Russian general Domitorav Cruzchev who also goes by the nickname “I am getting up”

Domitorav Cruzchev

Even though the evil Chechen General looks evil, Peterson is scared of nothing, and if anything Russians are already deserting due to his incredible power that comes from alcohol and cigarettes. They know this War will be stopped early now The No nonsense himself is there.