Tony Ferguson leaks DM’s between him and President of Russia

Since February 24th when Russia invaded Ukraine the whole world has gone in a state of disarray. Many fearing the start of Word War Three with the possible escalation between Russia and the West. Things appear to have got even worse when just the other day it was revealed that Putin has put all his nuclear weapons on high alert due to the sanctions imposed on his country.

Many Warfare Specialists was concerned that it could be inevitable that at some point WW3 would start. That if it hasn’t started already and we don’t know yet.

With the ongoing sanctions imposed on Russia, it will come to a point where they will not have much to lose due to upcoming severe financial difficulties. Where the maniac Putin will be very inclined to push ‘The Big Red Button” or get lynched by his own people for the suffering he will bring them.

When all hope appears to be lost one man has come to save the day and the world, Former Interim UFC Lightweight Champion Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson, who directly messaged the President of Russia Putin asking ‘to give him Khabib‘ Nurmagomedov.

The Hardcores MMA fans know what is involved in Ferguson’s request, as they was booked to fight five times and all five times the fight got cancelled. Some say that the fight is cursed. Last time the two almost competed in 2020, the MMA Gods released Covid all around the world. Now the big question is what will happen if Ferguson gets to fight Nurmagomedov? Will the War end or will Putin nuke the entire world?