Tyron Woodley threatens to release new songs in Russian if Putin don’t stop attacking Ukraine

Since Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine multiple countries and institutions have imposed severe bans on Putin and his country. Most of the sanctions appear to have little to no effect so far where they was compared to USADA’s sanctions over Jon Jones.

Celebrities also expressed their disgust towards the unprovoked attack and announcing sanctions of their own. Some of them being Hollywood actress and movie producer Halle Berry, Formers UFC Fighers Artem Lobov and Tyron Woodley, being few of many that announced their personal sanctions on Russia and condemned the attack.

The one that stood out the most as being the severe from all them is Woodley’s. The former UFC Welterweight Champion announced today in a Instagram live the following: “If that dork Putin doesn’t stop invading Ukraine I will fall in and out of love with him and release my new music in Russian, oh and he is racist”

The news of Tyron Woodley possible sanctions caused mayhem in the Kremlin today where Putin himself announced a state of emergency until they was able to find out how to proceed with this very nuclear matter.