Reports are coming in from Ukraine that a 3-0 MMA fighter is patrolling the streets ambushing Russian soldiers. Citizens are calling him Kyle of Kyiv

Since the start of Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine multiple rumours surfaced around the locals with regards to different hero’s defending their homelands from invading forces. The ones that went viral are the Ghost of Kyiv who is a Ukrainian pilot that shoot down more than 6 enemy aircrafts and the other is a soldier who had more than 20 confirmed kills in one day, who goes by the nickname of Reaper of Kyiv.

Since then other reports stated coming in from Ukraine that a lone teenager is patroling the streets of Kyiv, ambushing Russian soldiers that are threatening locals. Citizens have recognised him to be a 3-0 MMA fighter that only last year had 2 knockouts and one TKO in one night, he was awarded with the nickname of Kyle of Kyiv

Some are speculating that the rumours might not be true and they was made up to give the Ukrainian people hope. Our lead reporter Brent Welwany has done a thorough investigation in the matter and discovered identites of two of them. They being Hassbula Magomedov and D.U.S.T. Self Defence coach Dale Brown.

Ghost of Kyiv aka Hassbula
Reaper of Kyiv aka Dale Brown

The identity of Kyle of Kyiv is still to be investigated but what thing is for sure, he has instilled fear in the invading forces with a high numbers of Russians desertion after the rumours came out. Putin even assigned over 40 assassins to take him out but they never returned.