Breaking: Colby Covington flagged by USADA for having a second lung…Fight with Jorge Masvidal in jeopardy

Former UFC Interim Welterweight Champion Colby “Chaos” Covington was set to face Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272. The event is to be held in the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. The two started their MMA carers as best friends only to turn foes after Covington slept with Masvidal’s dad.

The genuine beef between the two appeared to have fight fans very excited, as excited as Jon Jones being tested by USADA. Unfortunately for the very exited fans the main-event is now in serious jeopardy after Covington was flagged for having two lungs by the previously mentioned USADA.

Early this morning Jeff Novitzky aka The Golden Snitch turned up at Covington’s residence in Las Vegas where he is staying for his fight, without knocking on the door. Mr.Novitzky entered the property only to find Colby with Masvidal in his lap.

After breaking up the unexpected cardio workout between the two, Novitzky had Covington give a urine sample. Initially Colby was hesitant but did it after eventually.

A few hours later, Novitzky came back with the unfortunate results. As mentioned before Covington’s flagged for having two lungs putting the fight in serious jeopardy.

Novitzky made a list of conditions that Covington had to conform with in order for his bout with Masvidal to continue, which are the following:

  • Has to walk to the Octagon on a Woodley song
  • Has to wear a BLM hat until fight night
  • Has to wear his pronouns on his shorts
  • Do 10 pushups for John Morgan