Brendan Schaub announces 2024 US Presidency run after finding out Ukraine’s President was a comedian prior to getting elected

With the recent war going in Ukraine with Russia launching a full scale invasion seven days ago, their President Volodymyr Zelenskyy shined more than ever with his bravery and many other things. One thing that stood out was the fact that he was a comedian and actor before becoming a President.

When former UFC Heavyweight and Comedian Brendan Schaub found out that the Ukrainian President was a comedian prior, he announced unexpected intentions on his Podcast ‘The Slob ‘. He announced that he will be running for the US Presidency in 2024.

Schaub already started a political campaign enumerating different things he will do once he will be in The White House. First thing he said he will implement a national ban on Ariel Helwani. Anybody that mentions anything related to Helwani will be charged with treason.

The Highly Successful Comedian already started attempting to enforce certain bans on civilians that spoke out of turn. More specifically Schaub is planing to sue a small YouTuber with less than 10k subscribers because he made fun of him. A video that explains the grounds is attached below.