Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal spotted together…beef confirmed to be fake

Former UFC Welterweight Title Challenger Colby ”Chaos” Covington is set to face Jorge “Gamebread” Masvidal this upcoming Saturday, at UFC 272 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The two started their mma careers as friends, training together only to turn foes ever since allegedly Covington slept with Masvidal’s dad.

The beef between only got worse and personal after Covington allegedly ripped of his former coach of money, something that Masvidal had to draw the line. Soon after that Covington had to leave his gym after getting hold hostage by Russians for trash talking Khabib.

The two have been going at each other on social media ever for some time with Masvidal’s attempting to attack Covington before he left the American Top Team gym. With Covington posting pictures together with Masvidal’s wife just before his rematch with the UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman.

Many fans due to Colby’s made up persona believe the beef between the two is fake. Both pretending to hate each other so they can sell pay-per views. Especially ever since Covington attempted to kiss Usman after their second fight only to be stopped in the last second by the referee Dan Miragliotta.

All suspicions was confirmed to be true when our Lead Reporter Brent Welwany went undercover in the hotel Covington is staying. While pretending to be a house maid, Welwany entered Covington’s room without his knowledge only to find him and Masvidal together. The two appeared to be very friendly with each other like it can be seen in the picture at the beginning of the article.