Breaking: US sends Stipe Miocic to extinguish the fire started by Russian forces at the biggest Ukrainian Nuclear Power

The peace talks being hold by Ukraine and Russia in the last few days seemed to have had little to no effect on the war as Putin’s forces are committing more and more crimes against humanity. Today news broke out that Russians forces was attacking a Ukrainian Nuclear Power plant based in the South of Ukraine.

The situation got even worse after the power plant it self caught up fire putting at risk of a massive explosion that could render most of Europe inhabitable for a long period of time. Just to put in perspective this would be the equivalent of Jon Jones giving driving lessons while on 13 different prohibited substances, it will be devastating.

Ukrainian President posted a video on Twitter urging the Russian forces to stop shooting at the power plan and let the fire be put out immediately before it’s too late.

The US after seeing the potential disaster if the fire wasn’t extinguished in time, they had no choice but to send their best Fireman ever, they sent Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic.

After arriving there in no time thanks to Elon Musks space ships, Miocic exterminated all the Russians forces without hesitation and put the fire out by urinating on it.