Colby Covington reveals in the UFC 272 Press Conference that he slept with Jorge Masvidal’s Father

Colby Covington is set to face Jorge Masvidal in the Main-event of UFC 272 in a Welterweight bout. The two former best friends turned foes attended the Pre-Fight Conference that finished only a few minutes ago.

The former team mates went at each other saying different inflammatory things, like Colby being kicked out of ATT for not paying his coach and not getting PPV points. Where Jorge being a dead beat dad who wouldn’t see his kids and was broke that had to take take out loans.

The trash talk from Covington is the one that was more colourful , who said the following lines that he rehearsed with UFC actor Aljamain Sterling prior:

  • Former MMA Junkie Reporter John Morgan ‘has only one lung because he eat the other one’. But what he didn’t realise was that Morgan saying he has one lung the other day when he refused to answer his questions was a dig at Colby saying he has the best cardio because he has two lungs.
  • Also Colby used Masvidal’s one of many nicknames against him. Calling him Phoney Montana instead of Tony Montana which is a dig to Gamebread wearing his famous suit prior to his fight with Nate Diaz.
Jorge Masvidal during the UFC 244 Press Conference

The one thing that caused the most reaction from the fans was Covington revealing he slept with Masvidal’s dad. As being the actual reason why he had to leave American Top Team Gym in Florida because the Cuban native couldn’t accept Covington being his step-mom.