New report coming from Ukraine…Brave fighter known as “Womanizer of Kyiv” eliminated over 25 Russians and slept with all their girlfriends,mothers and dads

During this horrific were between Ukraine and Russia multiple legends was born. The most viral ones being Ghost of Kyiv, Reaper of Kyiv and now the newest one, Womanizer of Kyiv.

It all started after rumours were spreading around Capital Kyiv that an Ukrainian Soldier killed over 25 Russians soldiers and used their phones to sleep with their girlfriends, mothers and dads.

After hearing of these rumours our Lead Reporter Brent Welwany who is in the front lines reached out to the locals to try to get in touch with this certain individual. After a bit of luck and a lot of experience Welwany managed to find out the identity of “Womanizer of Kyiv” . His actual name being Lukash Rocknko.

With the help of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy , our Lead Reporter for MMAFPress managed to secure a one to one exclusive interview with the so called Womanizer of Kyiv.

The Ukrainian hero went to explain how he eliminated all his Russians adversaries, over 25 of them in one day. Using a left high kick to the dome, knocking them unconscious and taking their cellphones. After that he would call their girlfriends, mothers and even dads and sleep with them. Before finishing of his interview he said one last thing which is as follows:

“If you believe, you can achieve and sleep with their relatives like a samurai. Oh and do you spit or swallow?”

-Lukash Rocknko-