Retired Adult movie star claims to be Conor McGregor Biological father

Former UFC Featherweight and Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor had his fair share of out of marriage ‘adventures’. Some of them leading up pregnancy and going public. The most known one being when he was accused for allegedly being the father of a certain child.

The woman that can be seen below is the individual in question that accused McGregor of being the father of her son. A 12 years boy named Daniel Denise. The paternity test found him not to be the biological father but McGregor still adopted him like his own son.

Daniel Denise on the left and McGregor and his mother on the right

At this point fight fans got used to McGregor controversial life outside of the Octagon but what came next surprised everyone. An retired Adult movie start by the name of Conner McGregor Sr. claimed to be Conor McGregor’s father.

Conner McGregor Jr.

The man in question is serving 15 years in jail right now due to dealing drugs. While in jail the Conor McGregor’s alleged biological father requested that he does a DNA test so he can prove his allegations.