Reporter John Morgan pushes Colby Covington down the stairs after he asked him again to do 10 push-ups

Colby “Chaos” Covington won by a clear decision tonight in the main-event at UFC 272. Out-wrestling his former friend and now turned foe Jorge Masvidal. Many thought that the former friends will bury the beef after the fight. That wasn’t the case whereColby went even further with beefing with the reporters during the Post-fight Press Conference.

He refused to answer questions when asked by two reporters. The one that stood out the most was obviously his ongoing beef with Former MMA Junkie reporter John Morgan, who once again asked him to do 10 push-ups if he wants an answer. Morgan was silent and let one of his colleagues ask Colby a question which was meet with hostilely as well.

Morgan apparently reported that Covington didn’t deserve to fight for the title for a second time. Colby accused of both reporters being bias in their reporting due to not liking him.

Both Morgan and the other reporter appeared to be professional until after Covington finished his interview, where out of nowhere Morgan came at Covington while he was walking off and pushed him from behind. Covington who was unaware of Morgan’s intentions tripped down the stair and hit his head on the ground which caused him to get knocked out. Morgan showed no remorse where he was screaming at over Covington’s unconscious body ‘you do ten push-ups’ while doing a shoey.

Picture captured by Brent Welwany