Straight men in ‘bromances’ kiss, cuddle and stand around naked

Yes you read the headline right, straight men do kiss, cuddle and stand around naked when they are in ‘Bromances’ relationships.

And the biggest Bromance going around right now is Khamzat Chimaev who made Darren still his friend and is nothing he can do about it. And yes they are the cutest couple in MMA right now.

Khamzat and Till at UFC 272

The year is 2022, Jake Paul is the face of boxing, Aljamain Sterling is 135lbs UFC Champion and Isreal Adesanya is the first ever Intergender UFC Champion.

Things have changed in our day and age, well most things apart from Brendan Schaub who still isn’t funny. We are in a new era where it’s it’s nothing wrong with touching your bro’s ass even if it’s hairy.