Russia responds to being sanctioned from CNN, Facebook, Macdonalds and Coca Cola…”Can you sanction us from Woodley’s music next?Thank you”

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine multiple countries imposed sanctions on them due to Putin’s decision to start a unprovoked war. Big Companies like Facebook, CNN,Macdonalds and Coca Cola also followed with sanctions of their own.

This sanctions so far appears to be the same as the the sanctions imposed by USADA on Jon Jones, they have not worked at all.

Nevertheless Putin in a press release announced that he is grateful for the previous mentioned sanctions and followed it up with asking to sanction Russia next with cutting them from Tyron Woodley’s music.

In the interview translated in English by famous Russian actor Clownja Sterlingnov, The Russian President Vladimir Putin had the following to say: “ Can you please cut us from Woodley’s music next? Thank you.”

Famous Russian actor Clownja Sterlingnov