Russia’s Putin announces cease of fire in Ukraine to celebrate Greg Hardy’s UFC release

On February 24th Russia launched a full scale attack on Ukraine for unprovoked reasons. Since then Ukraine and rest of the word have requested that Putin’s Russian army cease fire with little to no effect.

Even after imposed sanctions Russia continued their attacks on the cities of Ukraine. Talks took place where the Russians agreed to cease fire for civilians to be evacuated. Three times it was attempted and all three failed with evacuations having to be cancelled every time.

Due to the failed evacuations and overall invasion of Ukraine, Russia was hit with even more sanctions with Facebook, Macdonalds, CNN and Cola Cola leaving the country.

Putin reacted to being sanctioned by all these companies with asking to be cut from Woodley’s music and thanked for getting rid of the trash but the fire continued, that was until today until the news broke that Greg Hardy was released by the UFC. All Russians soldiers took time off to celebrate such a good feel moment.