UFC signs prospect Gregoria ”The Princess of War” Hardy…To compete in the female featherweight division

MMA female prospect ”The Princess of War” Hardy has signed with the UFC and already has set her eyes on taking over the featherweight female division.

The Princess of War who previously under contract with the UFC in the Heavyweight has made a impressive comeback after previously being cut due to a three fight losing streak. Undergoing an beautiful transformation by losing over 150lbs now she will compete in 145lbs female division.

The 33 years old made the announcement on his Twitter page today by explaining how being on a three losing streak motivated her to begin the drastic transformation:

“When I was competing in the Heavyweight division I felt undersized, it almost felt like I was fighting men, it wasn’t right I know I had to change something”

Hardy went to give a detailed explanation on why she favoured her opponents in the early career: “In my early competition most of my opponents lacked any experience it almost felt like fighting women, I liked that”

The excitement seemed to be over the roof for Hardy to make UFC debut where she had the following to say:“Al these women better be ready because I am coming to beat them up bad, just like old times”

In the past, Hardy had an issue with the commission not being allowed to use her inhaler in between rounds but it was immediately resolved when she explained by saying the following “beating all these women up it can be breathtaking”