Petr Yan left without cornerman at UFC 273 due to being denied visa…To be replaced with Dale Brown

Since Russia launched a full scale invasion on Ukraine majority of the world’s countries have imposed serious sanctions on Putin and his people. Some of them being big companies withdrawing from Russia, being banned from different worldwide institutions and many, many others.

One of the others ones being sports organisations banning Russian athletes from competing in sign of solidarity for Ukraine.

The Russian native Volkov who is due to main-event UFC London this upcoming Saturday has also been very close to not being able to leave his country due to visa issues. He eventually with a bit luck did make it to London and will compete.

Petr Yan’s hasn’t been that lucky where his cornermen have been denied visa and he was forced to leave without them. Many fight fans was concerned of Yan not being able to compete at UFC 273 on the long awaited rematch against the Interim Title holder Aljamain Sterling.

As mentioned earlier most athletic organisations have banned all Russians athletes from competing, UFC has a history of not doing such things but with being on ESPN which is owned by Disney, they could be forced to do so.

Luckily for the most fight fans that didn’t happened yet. The Siberian Native does still have a big problem as he didn’t have any cornermen. That was until Yan went on Instagram today and announced that he will be cornered by none other than D.U.S.T. Self Defence Master Dale Brown.

Dale Brown will be a welcomed replacement as his experience with acting to teach self defence techniques will be vital in counter-attacking The ClownMasters acting skills.