Breaking: Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal spotted ‘making love’ at a Steak House in Miami…Police have been called.

Colby Covington and Masvidal are former teammates turned rivals, the two ended up competing at UFC 272 where Covington aka King of Miami ended up victorious.

The fight it self was total domination from Covington who even kissed Masvidal at some point in the fight.

Masvidal did get a shot in round four which appeared to have dropped Covington. Covington did respond with the following: “I wasn’t dropped, I just took a knee for the first responders.”

Soon after the fight Gamebread let Covington know that ‘he will take it to streets’ only to be roasted by Colby’s virgin coach, telling him he had 25 minutes to do it and not to start now.

Nevertheless Covington and Masvidal did meet for dinner at a Steak house in Miami. According to our lead reporter Brent Welwany the following happened:

“In the middle of having a steak (Covington and Masvidal) they started kissing which lead to them making love in the middle of the restaurant. People was so disgusted by it that they called the police immediately.”

Screenshots of the incident are attached below.