The MMA World revolted over Bald Kingpin pimping Blonde Baddy

Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett made his UFC debut last September, having a spectacular first round knockout.

Even before the fight Pimblett self-proclaimed himself the new cash-cow of the UFC, the numbers that he brought in for the UFC do seems to prove that to an extent but his bank account didn’t.

Luckily for Paddy the UFC debut earned him the necessary exposure to be able to ink a seven figure deal with renown company Barstools Sports.

Soon after his UFC London fight where he once again earned a first round finish, this time by submission The Scousers revealed that he was paid only $12k to show/ $12k + $50k bonus which showed that UFC wasn’t compensating The Liverpool native as the “cash-cow” he is.

Some might even say that Bold “Dana White” Kingpin is pimping Paddy “The Blonde Baddy” Pimblett.

The MMA world was indeed revolted over this news, The Blonde Baddy has been taking “shots to the face” at every appearance and only got paid a small fraction from her overall performance.