Actor Jared Leto to break his ankle to be able to properly emulate Conor McGregor in the upcoming movie

Actor Jared Leto never shy about his love of method acting. Now the Oscar winning thespian says he’ll break his own ankle in “role of a lifetime” to play Conor McGregor in the upcoming film Champ Champ.

Leto, reached out to by McGregor himself said; “let’s do it” with McGregor then accepting. The Joker actor believes the only way to be as authentic as possible in the role is to snap his ankle just as McGregor did against Dustin Porier. “I already have the beard” Leto said to Irish Central. (Leto continued) “Breaking my ankle is a small sacrifice to bring the character of Conor McGregor to life.” Leto also said that studio heads were pleading with him not to go through with it but he would be finding someone “special” to do it as soon as possible. “Pain is temporary, being in a movie lasts longer” the My So Called Life actor said. Front runners to kick the leg include Jose Aldo, Nate Diaz and current-fellow Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix.

Leto has also expressed interest in high speed driving, fighting Machine Gun Kelly and punching an old man in a pub to properly emulate the simultaneous two-belt UFC champion.