Dillon Danis Released by Eagle FC due to Ring Girls being banned

Undefeated MMA fighter Dillon Danis has been released by Eagle FC. More over the Brazilian Jujitsu star was released due to the fight organization’s hard stance on the use of ring girls. Danis was scheduled to fight Kevin Lee but again left fans bewildered pulling out, because of a “fractured labia.” (Photo available @MMAFPress) Eagle FC President Khabib Nurmagomedov said; “Dillon Danis is not man, is Ring Girl, Eagle FC no Ring Girl allowed, respect sport brotha.” “El Jefe” signed with Eagle FC earlier this week and since, has been on roller coaster of behind the scene and in front of the scene incidents.

After announcing he could not fight Kevin Lee, a source said Danis was back stage holding large numbered cards, dressed scantily clad and trying to walk with the cards around in a large circle. “I could only assume he was practicing to be a ring girl.” Said one Eagle FC insider. “After that, it was a quick exit.”

For now, Danis is recovering and plans to use his skills elsewhere. Kevin Lee will now fight “The Russian Hammer” Artem Lobov, who stepped in on short notice for a 3 round fight May 27.