“Breaking: Masvidal being pursued by the Police right now due to keeping Colby Covington’s tooth hostage”

The Masvidal – Covington friendship/betrayal onion peels yet another layer, this time in the form of UFC welterweight Colby Covington’s missing tooth.

Officials have been looking for Covington’s tooth for a week and now new details have emerged that it being Masvidal himself that has the incisor in his possession. “We’ve seen people, cash and even household items taken hostage in the past but we’ve never seen a tooth” said Miami Beach PD. “Jorge was released on bail but he must return the tooth to the rightful owner, or he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

One on-looker at the scene of the crime (Papi Steak in Miami Beach, Florida) said the tooth never left Jorge’s hand. “The tooth was stuck right between his knuckles!” Said the witness. “Masvidal is ‘keeping it’ as a souvenir.”

The tooth remains on the lam, as does BMF title holder Jorge Masvidal. Formal offers for the tooth remain as well, including Las Vegas Pawn Stars with an undisclosed bid as well as a bid from Nicholas Cage who has offered a cool $1 Million dollars for the tooth as long as it “still smells like fear.”