Nelk Boy arrested for alleged complicity in relation to Masvidal’s assault on Colby Covington

Social media stars and UFC associates The NELK boys have been arrested for involvement in the recent attack on Colby Covington by Jorge Masvidal.

Police were quick to acknowledge that the YouTube pranksters were now in custody. “We have detained the Nelks and plan to speak with each member exclusively and individually.” Said a Miami beach deputy. “We’ll get to the bottom of this collusion one member at a time and then it’s a ‘Full Send’ to prison.”

There were several on-lookers who also corroborated the events that took place. Many describing a ‘disguised’ Masvidal who knew the exact ‘where abouts’ of Covington. “I saw Bob Menery texting, planning and pointing the exact moment Colby arrived.” Said one local drifter, “The podcasters and Masvidal had it drawn up exactly the way it went down.”

The Nelk boys were quick to take to social media to deny any collaboration with Masvidal. (Via Snap Chat)

“Yes we love pranks and yes we love fights in the streets and yes we told Jorge Masvidal that Colby would be at Papi Steak. But that doesn’t mean we went behind anyone’s back or did anything bad. Right?”

Bail has been set for the Nelk Boys who have also reached out to Donald Trump, a previous podcast guest, for a possible pardon.