Paddy Pimblett hospitalised with severe obesity due to eating 2 tons of cake in one day

The post-fight glutton party for UFC featherweight Paddy Pimblett came to it’s natural conclusion over the weekend – a trip to the ER. The undefeated UFC fighter has not been shy about his massive intake of “sweets” since last his fight March 19.
Things finally took a turn for the worse when Pimblett was admitted to Royal Liverpool University Hospital and diagnosed with ‘Severe Obesity.’

Family members were in shock revealing The Baddy had consumed over ‘2 tons of cake’ in one day. “I’ve never seen anything quite like it” said Pimblett matriarch Jackie Pimblett, “the boy can eat though, what can I say?!”

Like his MMA career there were many disbelievers about his dessert eating goals but the scouser was out to prove them wrong.

In less than 24 hours Pimblett had devoured cakes of all varieties including – sponge, pound, Bundt, beer, birthday, wedding, apple, rainbow layer, chestnut, baklava and carrot cake. Pimblett also ate an unprecedented 500 red velvet cupcakes and a 300 lb génoise cake, which was special ordered from Italy.

Pimblett, who was rushed to the ER and could barely fit through the doors of the hospital, is now in stable condition with his main squeeze Laura Gregory by his side. UFC president Dana White offered no comment but is said to have already reached out to My 600-lb life for syndication rights.