Jake Paul tests positive for estrogen for the second Woodley boxing match…result overturned to a no contest

A recent discovery following Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley 2 is now a big problem for The Problem Child. The boxing world has been turned upside down with the shocking revelation that undefeated fighter Jake Paul has tested positive for the major steroid hormone estradiol. Many fans were shocked to learn the news which broke yesterday that has many fans demanding a third fight now between the two.

Woodley boxed Paul handily in the first fight which saw Paul win by a razor thin split decision with the second fight dominated by the Team Ten leader who won by KO.

Initially all anti-doping tests came back negative for both fighters but after further, in-depth reviews experts discovered that Jake Paul’s Aromatase levels were “through the roof” according to Deputy director (DBPR) Patrick Fargason.

“We don’t normally test for estradiol in male fighters but after such a huge discrepancy of results (from the first fight) we decided to test with the experts at USADA. Almost immediately Jake Paul’s chicanery was found.” Said Fargason.

No immediate action has be taken by either the Florida state fight commission or Jake Paul Productions. Tyron Woodley meantime has already demanded a third fight and is willing to tattoo Jake Paul’s face anywhere on his body if he loses.