Tyron Woodley announces release of new rap album in celebration of Jake Paul second fight being overturned due to testing positive for estrogen

One man’s carelessness is turning into another man’s astonishing opportunity. Former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley has announced a new rap album on the heels of his second fight with Jake Paul being over turned. The Problem Child was popped for elevated levels of estrogen after an in-depth search by anti-doping experts. Now Tyron plans to rap about it.

Woodley gave MMAFPress an inclusive insight to some of his lyrics.

“Many say I was robbed, I knew it was an inside job, Paul you’re a slob, get on your knees and polish my knob. I’ve been here before, it’s all the same, don’t you know I am the game? Now it’s you juiced up and on the run, my right hook is like a gun, there’s a reason why I’m the chosen one.”

Woodley also gave a list of song titles for the new rap album:

Overturned and Burned
Hopped UP on the Girlie Juice
Chaos Theory Part Deux
Blue Belt in Boxing
I tested Positive for Love
Benjamin’s for Estrogens

Jake Paul hearing the news about Woodley’s foray back into the rap music world is considering hiring Woodley for a live performance at the next Triller event. Woodley has yet to confirm this. Meantime Jake will co-star with his brother Logan and Martha Stewart on a new Pokémon Themed Cooking show set to debut this Fall.

Jason F (MMAFPress Staff Writer)