Jorge Masvidal threatens to release his sex tape with Colby Covington if don’t drop the charges

Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal and Colby “Chaos” Covington started their MMA careers as lovers that eventually turned sour. The culmination point was when Covington cheated on Masvidal with his father.

The two settled their beef at UFC 273 with Covington “coming on top” of Masvidal and even landing a devastating kiss on the Cuban native.

After their fight Masvidal didn’t appear to be over Covington, telling him that he will be “seeing him soon”, showing that the love is still strong.

Masvidal kept his promise and surprised Covington with a two piece and a flower to his face. Covington totally didn’t expect the flowers where his jaw and a tooth dropped.

Covington still not over their rough breakup reported Masvidal to the Police which resulted in his arrest.

GameBred with a broken heart resulted to his last option that he had available, he threatened to release a sex tape of him and Covington if he doesn’t drop the charges. He will release all their wrestling sessions where he was getting dominated by Covington with Tyron Woodley singing in the background.