US government to try new method to eliminate pollution…To tell Jon Jones it contains Cocaine

After years of research and multiple failed attempts, the US Government has finally found a solution on how to effectively combat and exterminate pollution. The Biden administration will tell the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones that it contains Cocaine.

Today In a press release, the Secretary of State announced that they have arranged with their state owned propaganda tv channel CNN to broadcast the previous mentioned information so it reaches Jones in no time.

They also announced a plan B if by any chance plan A aka Project Pictogram is not successful, plan B involves having Brendan Schaub new comedy special being televised in every household in US with the purpose to discourage the population from polluting the environment.

If God forbidden plan B doesn’t work they last atomic option, they will have Tyron Woodley’s music on every radio station playing 24/7 without stop to discourage everybody from polluting the environment. Hopefully that can be avoided.