After buying Twitter, Elon Musk announces he will produce the new Muhammad Ali movie remake…Michael Chandler and Mike Perry to star in the lead roles.

The internet, more especially Twitter went in “nuclear alert” when Elon Musk made the announcement that he offered to buy the platform. The news of Musk buying Twitter being confirmed yesterday actually caused a “nuclear” frenzy making a bunch of snowflakes to evaporate from the platform.

Musk didn’t stop there and announced even bigger plans, he announced he will be producing the upcoming movie remake Muhammad Ali which will feature Michael Chandler as Muhammad Ali and Mike Perry as Sony Liston.

Musk honoring his African-American heritage by giving opportunities to other African-Americans like Michael Chandler and Mike Perry is nothing short of impressive.

The movie is due to come out next year on February 29th 2023 and will be first movie to be held on Twitter which will be on the updates spaces that will feature the ability to watch a movies online with friends.