Just In: Ali Abdelaziz banned from Twitter after it was discovered he hacked his fighters accounts to sell PS5

Recently the news broke out that billionaire Elon Musk purchased Twitter for a whooping amount of 44 billion dollars. Musk promised that free speech will finally be available on the platform with the exception of Dillon Danis.

After Danis was banned, Musk wanted to show he is unbiased and announced the banning of another African-American as himself from the platform. The individual is the most well known MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz.

Abdelaziz was discovered to have took over his fighters Twitter accounts and attempted to sell Play Station 5 to their followers in a scamming attempt. In the investigation done by our lead reporter Brent Welwany it was discovered that Abdelaziz used his mind control to take control 19 accounts at once.

Ali Abdelaziz using his mind control to tweet from 19 accounts at once

In a interview with Welwany, Musk said the following about Abdelaziz being banned: “It breaks my heart to have to ban another African-American like my self but I want people to Noah that I make no exceptions”