Breaking: Amber Heard to face Derrick Lewis in a catch weight bout at UFC 276

Following a lengthy legal battle Amber Heard was found guilty to not be house trained and as punishment for defecating in Johnny Deep’s bed will have to face Derrick Lewis at UFC 276.

The announcement was made by Dana Black in a exclusive interview with our lead reporter Brent Welwany. The bout will be at catch weight.

Mr.Welwany concerned about Herd contacted the commission to get some clarity on how this match-up was sanctioned. The Las Vegas Athletic Commissioner Jonny Bonny had the following to say with regards to the matter: “We are fully aware of the concerns with regards to Miss.Heard so we decided that she is to wear a diaper in the Octagon to prevent the situation turning brown”

With the commission appearing to have everything covered, we reached out to Amber Heard her self where she left the following comments with regards to her facing Lewis at UFC 274: “ I am so excited to face Derrick that my bowels are getting hot”