Elon Musk announces 2024 presidency run with the aim of becoming first African born US President…Joe Rogan to be nominated for the position of Vice and receive unlimited N-word pass

The famous billionaire Elon Musk has been in the news recently for different reasons, more so due to the his purchase of Twitter.

His purchase of Twitter caused havoc in the mainstream media due to concerns of loosing control of what kind of misinformation gets released to the public. Musk seemed to have caused an immense amount of chaos even within the US government where they formed “Minister of Truth” organisation with Brent Welwany being in control of the operations.

Musk initial announcement with the confirmation of being the new Twitter owner is nothing compared with his intention of running for 2024 US Presidency that he made public in a tweet minutes ago.

In his tweet he made his intentions clear of running for the Presidency position in 2024 and will nominate Joe Rogan as the Vice-President.

If successful, Musk will become the first ever African born US President in the History and promised he will give Joe Rogan unlimited N-word pass and make DMT mandatory in every household.