Twitter reveals reason why MMFPress account was suspended …Spreading miss information by labelling Brendan Schaub’s comedy special as “funny”

Three days ago everybody’s favourite fake news account was suspended without any notice from Twitter. MMA fans around the world lit a candle light to pay respect for the fallen news press, even Nate Diaz’s training partner Jake Shields showed lit up a joint in honour of MMAFPress.

With the majority of the MMA community being in tears over the tragic loss of the most reliable news source what people wanted to know is why it has suspended. After 3 gruelling days of searching for the truth it has finally arrived. The reason for the suspension is due to spreading misinformation by labelling Brendan Schaub’s comedy special as “funny”.

Twitter executives in their response to our appeal explained that labelling something as “funny” when is obvious horror is totally unacceptable and against terms of service.

One employer from Twitter said the following: “They deserve to be banned because they spread fake information, like when they said Joe Rogan will move his podcast to due to the N-word controversy. Totally unacceptable especially considering Matt Hamill would make a better comedian than Brendan Schaub.”