Reason why Dave Chapelle was attacked on stage revealed…He was confused with Brendan Schaub

Famous Comedian Dave Chapelle was tackled today on stage by a angry fan, luckily Chapelle wasn’t hurt but the same can’t be said about the individual who attacked him.

The face of the guy who
fucked around and found out.

Even though a unfortunate incident it did have a happy ending, at least for most people but what people was most curious about it was why has this individual attacked Chapelle.

In a exclusive interview with Brent Welwany a witness that goes by the alias of “King of Bitches” had the following to say:

“This skinny f*g I see mad, he look like need wheelchair. He go to stage and on way there scream he must stop Brenda Schaub before make joke. I guess he confuse Dave with Snuki.”

According to the witness it appears that the attacker confused Dave Chapelle with Brendan Schaub which at first didn’t make much sense because one is very funny on stage and the other was only funny in the Octagon. Looking deeper into this, going as back as Ultimate Fighter 10, Kimbo Slice also though that Brendan Schaub was black so now it makes sense why the individual confused Chapelle and went on the stage. The implications of Schaub telling jokes are quite nuclear and attacker’s reasons now seems warranted.