Jorge Masvidal Lawyer/ Manager accuses Colby Covington of breaking his teeth when he kissed him

On March 12th, a week after Colby Covington was victorious at UFC 272 against Jorge Masvidal he was allegedly attacked by the Cuban Native outside of a Miami Steak House Restaurant. Reason for the alleged attack is due to Covington revealing personal information about their previous sex life, Colby revealed that they was lovers before their relationship went sour.

After the attack Colby Covington called the police which resulted in Masvidal getting arrested and charged with felony battery.

On April 26th, Masvidal attended court after missing the initial date. In the court appearance his Lawyer/ Manager Malki Kawa after realising Masvidal was facing the worst punishment ever, a wrestling match with Covington attempted to prove Masvidal’s innocence by accusing Covington of breaking his tooth when he kissed him during their fight at UFC 272.