Abraham Lincoln was UFC Biggest Prospect before pursuing a career in Politics

Former US President Abraham Lincoln is mostly known for his time period when he was at the lead of the biggest country on earth. One of his biggest achievements was ending slavery but very few know before he embraced a career in politics he was one of the UFC biggest prospects.

Even though he is not with us anymore we are very lucky to have somebody else in his place that is even better; that is Michael “Iron” Chandler that now fights his battles against racial injustice in his place. Even though Chandler is an incredible ambassador for Black Lives Matter today we are going to focus more on Abraham Lincoln.

And as expected everyone must be curious how did Lincoln went from being the biggest prospect in UFC to becoming US president and that is simple, he had the help of The Nigerian Nightmare which is also goes by the name of Mike “The Platinum” Perry who was the first African-American to be involved in Politics.

As big as Michael Chandler might be he does not come even close to ours truly The Nigerian Nightmare who showed that even the smallest things matter, even if you’re a small 2% African you still going to be yourself don’t let anybody stop you even it means knocking out a old man at a bar. A true legend which without him Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t be who is today.