UFC to debut new show called “Lookin for a Criminal” …The first episode will be Kevin Holland and Derrick Lewis trying to catch Jon Jones

UFC President Dana White announced today via his Instagram that the organisation are working on a new show named “Lookin’ for a Criminal”.

The show will feature at least one UFC fighter in each episode trying to catch another UFC fighter that has committed a crime. If the criminal in question is caught in less than two hours, the apprehender will receive a $50k bonus. If the individual in question has managed to escape thecatcher/s he will instead receive the bonus. If the criminal manages to go in drunk with a gun in a strip club than the bonus will be raised to $100k if he is not caught in two hours.

The first episode will debut on UFC Fight Pass and ESPN starting May 6th. In the first episode the main protagonists will be the UFC Welterweight Kevin Holland and UFC Heavyweight Derrick Lewis who will attempt to catch the GOAT of crime himself Jon Jones.

The UFC heroes are well known for their bravery in helping the community and Police to stop crime but this is not a easy task what they got in front of them. Jon Jones is not only the best inside the Octagon, he is also the best outside of it, nobody is undefeated when it comes to committing crime like Jon Jones is.

With Jon Jones skills, the first episode might turn into a full season, but neither Holland and Lewis should be underestimated as they have a vast experience when it comes to apprehending law breakers.